About Peter Hendrie

Peter Hendrie is an internationally renowned landscape fine art photographer who can best be described as a photographer who encapsulates the complexities of traditional photography whilst embracing the technological advantages of modern day digital photography.

Peter has released four landscape photography books, which showcase both his love for the wild & natural landscapes & the vibrancy of cityscapes, receiving critical acclaim amongst many of the photographic elite. In 2006 Peter won the Iconic category in the ‘Travel Photographer of The Year Awards’ with his vivid and atmospheric night time shots of the romantic city of Paris. Within the same competition he also received commendations in 3 of the remaining 4 categories.

His work has received the highest acclaim and Peter is known for his use on natural light and contrast, capturing the natural beauty, colour and mood that only nature in its purest form can provide.

Peter has travelled to many parts of the globe in search of that all elusive shot that encapsulates a moment in time. It is this unparalleled drive and determination to develop as a photographer and a person that is often reflected is the shots he captures.

Peter has been published in Country Life, Practical Photography and numerous National magazines his work has been reproduced in both calendars and greeting cards. Currently he is working on a book of panoramic images from around the world, which he has been developing over the past 4 years. He hope to inspire others to travel a less trodden route. Peter has enhanced his reputation through his workings for the prestigious photographic tour company ‘Light and Land’ where he can share his knowledge and passion with others.

Working as a semi-professional photographer for the last twenty-two years Peter has managed to work two careers side by side, however one of his goals is to turn professional in the not to distant future, being able to devote more time leading photographic tours to the lesser known regions of the world, as well as remote areas of the British Isles, sharing his experience & love of landscapes with others.
Peter’s ambition is to open a gallery in a major European city, showcasing his love for his favoured panoramic format, and elevating the status of photography to that of art.