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One to One


Want to improve your photography skills, learn new techniques, improve your composition or showcase your images, then look no further than teaming up with internationally renowned photographer Peter Hendrie on a 1-2-1 photographic experience, who will help you improve all aspects of your photography skills.

A One to One session is an ideal way of helping your development as a landscape photographer.

In a One to One environment, Peter is able to specifically tailor his teaching and share his insights and perspectives in ways that are particularly pertinent to your own priorities.

The day is designed to be both an intensive learning experience as well as a very enjoyable day making photographs.


There are a number of possible locations in Exmoor that we will visit and as always, weather and lighting conditions will dictate which of these will be suitable on the day in question. Depending on timings and the duration of our session, we hope to include locations like Watersmeet and Valley of Rocks which lie northwest of Exmoor, or Dunkery Beacon and Tarr Steps in the hinterlands of the Moor. These are just a few of the many wonderful locations available, however should you have a favourite place on the Moor or beyond, then we can tailer make this for you, subject to Prior planning which we both approve on.


Tuition level will be aimed at the photographer who wishes to explore the finer aspects of composition and understanding of balance, harmony, shape and design all integrating to make a cohesive whole. There will be associated tuition in filtration, in particular the dangers of over use of the polarising filter. Cameras needed will be DigitalSLR, Mirrorless or any Medium Format/SLR'S Film camera. Lenses required should range from 24mm to 200mm. All filters, adaptors and holders will be supplied.


The One to One Full Day typically begins at 08:00am with a review of 5-10 images from the participant’s portfolio (which they are asked to bring with them) with time on location photographing and then runs through until around 18:00pm. A critique gives the opportunity for you to get some immediate feedback on the technical and creative elements of your images and enables Peter to tailor the day's shoot to ensure it will be most beneficial to your photography.


Lunch and all refreshments is included in the price. If you indicate which date you would prefer at time of booking, we will do our best to accommodate you. If none of the above are suitable then please contact us and we will try to find you an alternative.


One to One’s cater for both the digital (Peter works professionally with the Cannon DSLR, Fuji Mirrorless Cameras and his iPhone) and traditional film users (Peter works extensively with the Fuji GX 617 Panoramic film camera and has a fondness for the Panoramic format). Peter enjoys working with both complete beginners as well as advanced landscape photographers and these One to One days are tailored to your individual requirements.


Should you wish to book a longer session with him or you have a different location choice in mind, then we are only too happy to discuss this with you. 


Gift vouchers are also available for purchase. These make a very suitable gift for anyone who has expressed interest in photography, be it to improve technique and approach or to learn from scratch. If you would like to give a One to One session as a gift or would like any more information, then please do contact peter at: 


Additional Information


Critque of 5-10 images from the participant's portfolio. A day's tuition with Peter from 08.00am until 18.00pm including lunch and refreshments.


Travel to and from the agreed meeting point. Accommodation, Although Peter can Highly Recommend The Exmoor White Horse Inn,       Tel; +44 (0)1643 831 229


Exmoor National Park (although other locations can be considered)


What to Bring
Camera (and if applicable separate lenses), plenty of spare batteries and memory cards, tripod and suitable clothing and footwear.​

Full Days Tuition: £475.00 

Half Days Tuition £250.00

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